Larinda’s Landing Dog Policy/Waiver


Guests hereby agree to the following policy and conditions while staying at Larinda’s Landing with a dog. 

  • Cats are not permitted.
  • Guests are allowed up to two small to medium sized dogs per cottage.
  • Fees are $20 (plus tax) per dog per day.
  • Guests agree to keep their dogs on a leash or in a carrier at all times while in public areas.
  • Guests agree they will immediately pick up their dog’s excrement. Dog poop bags (with excrement) are not to be stored for disposal inside the cottage. All dog poop bags (with excrement) must be discarded daily into the wooden garbage bins located adjacent to the office. Failure to pick up and dispose may result in a $ 150.00 pick up / clean up cost.
  • Guests agree to keep their dog with them or with a designated individual at all times and not leave their dog unattended in their cottage.

If you can guarantee that your dog does not bark and /or make any kind of noise during your absence from the cottage, then you are allowed to leave your dog unattended in its own kennel only. You will be required to leave a cell phone number on file at check-in, in the event your dog becomes a disturbance to other guests and /or staff on site. No exceptions will be made for guests without the use of a cell phone.

  • Guests agree to prevent noise or any other disturbance by their dogs, in the interest of other guests at all times.
  • For sanitary reasons your dog must eat out of their own bowls that owners must bring with them (instead of the cottage breakfast bowls). If you forgot your dog’s feeding dish, let us know as we have spares on site.
  • Owners will ensure their dogs have their own “beds” for sleeping. Your dog is not allowed to sleep on the furniture and /or beds.
  • Your dog is not allowed on the beds and /or bedding and /or furniture. Paw stains, scratch marks, snagged fabric, and /or hair infested bedding and /or furniture will be disposed of, if unable to be repaired and /or properly cleaned. The primary guest (who originally booked the cottage) will be responsible for the cost of replacement and agrees to pay all additional charges for any repairs or extra cleaning starting at a minimum fee of $ 150.00 + tax. Your signature below authorizes Larinda’s Landing to charge your credit card (on file) for such charges, even if they are discovered following your departure from the property.


Please open and print the above waiver and bring it with you upon check-in. If you cannot print the waiver we have copies ready for you to sign when you check-in.


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