Tall Ship Larinda

Tall Ship Larinda, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Home Port of Tall Ship Larinda

Larinda’s Landing is the homeport and anchorage for the world famous Tall Ship Larinda. Built as a replica of the 1760 Schooner “Sultana”, Larinda has sailed the globe in many Tall Ship Parades of Sail and has won numerous awards from festivals, events and competitions around the world. Considering the South Shore of Nova Scotia is home to the most famous fishing/racing schooner ever built, “The Bluenose” and is steeped in history of Privateers, Buccaneers and buried treasure, there’s no place more appropriate to dock this gorgeous vessel. The full story of Larinda is worthy of a spellbound audience around a quaint beach-side bonfire where pirates and wenches come to life and the treasures found, are the memories you keep forever.

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