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Larinda's Landing Oceanfront Cottages in Nova Scotia, has eight gorgeous, well-appointed cottages, located only 35 minutes outside the city of Halifax. We are situated on the famous lighthouse route along the beautiful St. Margaret`s Bay, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Each and every one of our luxurious cottages are sure to delight you with lovely coastal style furnishings, spectacular oceanfront and seaside views, full size, well equipped kitchens, propane fireplaces and full size bathrooms. If you are looking for an amazing oceanfront vacation in Nova Scotia with exceptional comfort, a touch of luxury, stunning beauty and incredible convenience, Larinda's Landing has it all.


In 2002 a very special Tall Ship sailed into Halifax Harbour to avoid Hurricane Juan. Her name was Larinda.  Sadly, Larinda was damaged and sunk on the Halifax waterfront during Hurricane Juan.  As a result of this unfortunate incident, Tall Ship Larinda underwent a 12-year restoration. In the interest of securing a new home for the Tall Ship Larinda, in 2006 the Pilot House Café and Cottages in St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia was purchased and renamed as Larinda’s Landing Oceanfront Cottages.

There were five cottages initially, a beautiful private beach, a wharf, breakwater, a confederation water-lot and a beautiful green space for bonfires, horseshoes, and lots of family fun. We quickly began refurbishing, landscaping, decorating, and improving the cottages and property. New appliances, new furnishings, new bathrooms, dishwashers, and finally we stocked the cupboards with everything one could think of necessary for a great cottage experience. We sided the cottages, paved the road, planted hundreds of beautiful perennial shrubs, cut down thirty dead trees, dug a third well, built a new laundry and office facility, and finally built, decorated, and installed an amazing kitchen for our fine dining restaurant Oliver Southwood’s appropriately named after our frog figurehead on the Tall Ship Larinda. Unfortunately, since Covid-19 our restaurant is no longer open.

Last but certainly not least we named some of our cottages after the gnomes in the children’s fantasy novel “The Little Grey Men“ written by “BB” (Denys Watkins-Pitchford) a story the builder of the Tall Ship Larinda, Larry Mahon, read as a child and subsequently became inspired to build the Tall Ship Larinda through that story.

So, we welcome you to come on by and see our eight beautiful oceanfront cottages, Sneezewort’s Shanty, Dodder’s Dwelling, Cloudberry’s Cottage, Baldmoney’s Boathouse, Lucking’s Meadow, Willow’s Meadow, the Crow’s Nest, and our newest flagship cottage Captain’s Quarters.

We have put our heart and soul into this property and after sixteen years in business have met many wonderful people from around the world and feel privileged to have witnessed their enjoyment of our beautiful property and province.  It is a wonderful feeling to see our hard work provide such a memorable getaway for all who choose to come and stay with us here at Larindas Landing Oceanfront Cottages. We open our doors for the season from mid May until the end of October each year and await your visit with the heartfelt intention of providing you with an amazing unforgettable experience.


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